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St. Emydius Principal Welcome Message

My name is Erika Melendez. I am honored and privileged to introduce myself to you as the principal of St. Emydius Catholic School. As your school principal, not only am I excited to begin working with your children, but I am also looking forward to the work that we will do together and this important relationship we are now embarking on. I am excited to see your children through your eyes. As the old African Proverb states, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Our new journey together is one that needs the support from all of us. It will have a strong foundation, with collaboration at its root. Only through this teamwork can we help ensure the success of our children, the future leaders and citizens of tomorrow that will continue God’s mission as the hands and feet of Jesus.

St. Emydius Catholic School was built in 1948 and was led by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, whose charism is love of neighbor, until 1971. St. Emydius has been serving the children of the Lynwood community for over 70 years. We the faculty and staff are dedicated to continuing that tradition that was started by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange for many years to come.

I invite you to tour this website, check out our social media on Facebook/Instagram, and make a plan to visit our school.

For more information about our school, please call the office at (310) 635-7184 or email

God Bless,

Mrs. Erika Melendez

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