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The St. Emydius Catholic School Community implements the philosophy of Catholic education as it dedicates itself to the mission of the development of the whole person: mind, body, soul, and spirit.

The faculty, staff, administration, pastor, parish, parents, and students constitute our community of faith through sharing their experiences of prayer, wisdom, and knowledge. Realizing that parents are the primary educators of their children and, in partnership with them, the faculty of St. Emydius Catholic School works to help the child build his/her character by being models of faith, setting high standards of excellence, and by utilizing the gifts bestowed by God.

The faith community accepts the challenge to educate all students and families who desire a Catholic education.

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Established in 1948

St. Emydius School and Parish were built in 1948 by the pastor of the parish.  The Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, whose charism is love of neighbor, were placed in charge of the total educational program.  The school opened with a student population of 270 students in 1st - 6th grades.  The Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange served the community from 1948 until their departure in 1971.  

In 1950, six additional classrooms were completed in the main building. Because of the increase in the population growth in Lynwood, St. Emydius School expanded with the opening of a new building in September, 1959. The building, detached from the main school building, contained four spacious classrooms.  That year saw the beginning of a double grades school.  

As is the history of all Southern California cities, the population of Lynwood has grown and subsequently diminished over the years.  In the 60's and 70's, there have been as many as 60 students in each classroom, but in compliance with the Department of Catholic School directives classroom size was held at 45 or less.  As the population decreased classrooms were closed. In 1971, at the invitation of the pastor, the Sisters of the Holy Faith, whose primary mission is to proclaim by word and action the love of Jesus to the people of our day and to collaborate and create in a just world, began their ministry in St. Emydius School.

From 1971-1978, the school went from two rooms per grade to single grades. By 1986, St. Emydius School had double grades with a student enrollment of 635 students. A double session kindergarten began in September, 1998.  Because of obvious needs, a new kindergarten room was built in 2001.  The pastor helped to secure the funds for this new room and subsequently the new kindergarten room was named Bishop Dennis O'Neil Building.  The sisters of the Holy Faith left in September, 2008. St. Emydius is presently led by a lay principal, who shares the same philosophy as the Sister of the Holy Faith, which is the preservation of the faith in children. For example, the principal emphasizes that service to the community is an important part of being a Christian.


A Transitional Kindergarten class was opened in August, 2013. 

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