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Our Academics

St. Emydius Catholic School offers a challenging curriculum based upon the California State Standards and the Common Core Standards.  Students receive instruction in Religion, Math, Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Physical Education, Music, and Art. Technology is integrated into all academic areas through the use of Chromebook, iPads, and personal devices.
St. Emydius School is accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association, and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. We are a member of the National Catholic Educational Association. We adhere to the Los Angeles Archdiocese standards and the Common Core and California State standards.

School wide Learning Expectations (SLEs)

A Faithful Catholic Who:
  • Understands and practices the Catholic faith

  • Lives the Gospel values while deepening his/her relationship with God

  • Participates in the life of the parish and school through prayer, worship and service projects

  • Works for social justice

  • Has a developed moral conscience

A Self-Motivator Who:
  • Exhibits an interest in learning

  • Is confident and has a solid sense of self-esteem

  • Is a personal self-achiever

  • Works independently and is an effective communicator

  • Exhibits leadership and accepts responsibility for own actions

An Active Learner Who:
  • Demonstrates a solid foundation in the core subjects

  • Is able to speak and write clearly

  • Uses technology appropriately

  • Listens actively and follows directions

  • Is creative and independent

  • Communicates effectively and confidently

A Globally Aware Citizen Who:
  • Recognizes and respects our multi-cultural society

  • Is cognizant of current and world events

  • Respects nature and has respect for life

  • Advocates the preservation of the earth

  • Has a sense of responsibility towards those in need

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